TISO Valve (Twin In-Single Out Valve)

TISO is a ‘Tech-Taylor™’ style ball check valve used to isolate pumps mounted in parallel; TISO style valves are popular in mineral processing cyclone circuits.

Typical Use

Standby pumps are often used in critical areas of a processing plant. It is common practice to have two pumps discharge into a common line. Without the use of the TISO valve, this would require a shut-off valve on each pump discharge and a ‘Y’ fitting.
The body of the TISO valve replaces the ‘Y’ fitting and its automatic ball action replaces the shutoff valves.
The TISO valve performs these functions automatically, without any external energy source.. The TISO valve is designed for maximum abrasion resistance and minimal pressure drop, making it a trouble-free addition to a piping system.


Efficient pump change over
Automatic activation
Simplicity of operation
No metal components exposed to slurry
Excellent abrasion resistance
Replaceable ball for fast and efficient maintenance
Replaceable Stainless Steel seats*
Replaceable Rubber lined ball guides*


  • Available in 2″ (50mm) through to 24″ (600mm) with 10/16/20/25 BAR ratings. Higher pressure ratings available on request
  • All wetted parts are lined with hot vulcanized natural rubber. Other linings available on request
  • Can be supplied with flange or Victaulic™ fittings
  • Cost effective– No actuators or controls required
  • Minimal pressure drop
  • Self-operating – No actuator required
  • Heavy Duty carbon steel construction – Grade350
  • Finish is abrasive clean to 2.5 and painted with Interzone 954 2 part epoxy suited to harsh environment
  • Manufactured and tested in accordance with AS4037 and ASME B16.34-2009
  • Replaceable Ball is aluminium core and urethane coated which offers excellent abrasion resistance
  • Replaceable Stainless Steel seats – On valves NB100mm and above*
  • Replaceable Rubber lined ball guides- On valves NB100mm and above*
  • Manufactured in Australia

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